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September 15, 2005

Tiki Meets Eichler in Atomic Ranch Magazine

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Ron & Mickee Farrell's Rincon Room
Ron & Mickee Farrell’s Rincon Room

Ron and Mickee Farrell’s Eichler home is profiled in the September issue of Atomic Ranch Magazine, a new periodical dedicated to midcentury ranch and tract homes. They purchased the 1964 home in 1989, and had developed one room into a home tiki bar, the Rincon Room, which is featured in the article. Ron and Mickee have since moved to a new home, making this article a farewell of sorts to this home. The Farrells (Ron posts on Tiki Central as bongofury) have stated that they are rebuilding the Rincon Room.

Haunted Pufferfish Lamp

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Spooky Haunted Pufferfish
Spooky Haunted Pufferfish

Exotica59 recently made a great score on eBay, a pufferfish lamp for only $35. The catch is that it’s purportedly haunted. That’s right, a pufferfish lamp that comes with its very own ghost — not just any ghost, but the owner of a now-defunct tiki bar in Galveston.

Per the auction listing:

this hanging swag blow-fish lamp was that of a former bar owner… he has crossed over to the other side, but he is drawn by the use of the lamp! As a professional psychic I was called into this estate last year to assist the family, the family was alarmed that their fathers appartion would be seen everytime this lamp was lit… it didn’t matter the time of day… I explained to them that ghost , can’ t see as clearly as we do , and that he was able to make out the lamp, from the other side… “they did not want to keep the lamp.” As a psychic I have noticed since I have brought it home, that everytime I turn it on, usually within an hour this apparition shows…. ( this is a real authentic haunted item) he will scare you if you are not aware… But he is not malicious, he is not evil.

Like any good tikiphile would, exotica59 poked around a bit, and found a still-operating bar in Galveston, a gay bar called Garza’s Kon Tiki. Upon contacting the seller to inquire if this was the same bar, the reply came:

yes, this is the same bar, it used to be in another location on Galveston Island back in 1976 from which the lamp came, it was called the Kon tiki and in fact it was a gay bar. The current Kon tiki, the glitzy gay bar you located is it! years ago they were in another location on the island a different owner and it was not glitzy the decor was different.

So, there you have it. A pufferfish lamp that can’t shake its dead gay tiki bar proprietor owner. For only $35 bucks. Thank you eBay.

September 14, 2005

1961 Hawaiian Vacation Scrapbook

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Hawaiian trip scrapbook, from the collection of the jab
Hawaiian trip scrapbook, from the collection of the jab

The Jab made a fantastic discovery at a recent estate sale — the scrapbook from a woman’s vacation to Hawaii in 1961. Quoth the jab:

Miss Lorraine Penniman of Oakland booked an escorted cruise tour through American Express for passage on Matson Lines’ SS Mariposa from San Francisco to Honolulu. According to the tour itinerary the ship arrived in Honolulu on the 6th. day, she toured Waikiki for the 7th. through 11th. days, flew to Maui and then Hilo, Hawaii on the 12th. day, stayed in Hawaii until the 15th. day, when she flew to Kauai, and returning to Honlulu on the 17th. day. But there is a receipt from the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki for 11 days lodging so I’m not sure if she stayed in Waikiki or went on the tour.

The cost for the cruise and tour was $907 ($395 for the cruise and $512 for the tour and lodging). The Royal Hawaiian Hotel receipt showed a charge of $194.59 for 11 nights. Miss Penniman flew home on Pan Am to San Francisco for $133.

For those keeping track at home, Miss Penniman spent at least $1235 on this trip — that’s right around $8000 today, accounting for inflation. And a deluxe trip it was — her scrapbook is full of menus, napkins, cruise directories, maps, brochures, receipts, greeting cards (Bon Voyage!), postcards, postcards and more postcards. The Jab has posted many photos of the scrapbook on Tiki Central.

September 13, 2005

Tiki Art Two & APE in San Francisco

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Tiki Art Two, from Otto von Stroheim
Tiki Art Two, from Otto von Stroheim

Otto von Stroheim of Tiki News is curating his second show for San Francisco’s The Shooting Gallery, Tiki Art Two. Like last year’s Tiki Art Now! show, this group art show is also represented by a book, available soon from 9mm Books.

The festivities begin on Thursday, with the band APE headlining a show at the Make Out Room, complete with live tiki carving by lead man Crazy Al. Domenic Priore of Dumb Angel will be on hand to sign copies of his new book, Smile: The Story of Brian Wilson’s Lost Masterpiece, and Kitten on the Keys and the Wigglin’ Wahines will also be on hand to entertain. Artists from the Tiki Art Two show will be in attendance. (Perrey & Kinglsey fans: Jean-Jacques Perrey is also going to be in town that night, at Varnish Gallery, for a CD release party — it’s entirely possible to attend both events.)

The Opening Reception at the Shooting Gallery is Friday, from 7-9 p.m. Artists in this group show include Shag, Bosko, Dave Burke, Miles Thompson, Heather Watts, Paul Nielsen, Stuckie, Crazy Al Evans, Tiki Tony, and more. Munktiki will have their legendary tiki mug vending machine, with new mugs just for this event. Some tikiphiles are getting together before the opening at the San Francisco Trader Vic’s, which is just a few blocks away.

Tiki Art Two will be at the Shooting Gallery from September 14 through October 19.

New Tiki Bar in Denver: Tiki Boyd’s

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There hasn’t been a tiki bar in Denver for a long, long time. The day has come for Denver tikiphiles to rejoice, for tiki has returned. Tiki Boyd’s, in the Ramada downtown, is the creation of Boyd Rice. Yes, that Boyd Rice. Rice is a tikiphile and a vintage music enthusiast; Tiki Boyd’s is reportedly playing music only from vinyl. Tiki Boyd’s is still pretty new, and the bartenders are still expanding their roster of tropical cocktails, but Frank from Modern Drunkard says it’s “well on its way.”

September 12, 2005

Hukilau Seeking Volunteers

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Tiki Kiliki is sending out the call to those who have expressed an interest in volunteering at Hukilau. In addition to getting a warm and fuzzy feeling from helping create a sure-to-be-stupendous event, Hukilau volunteers also will get a first-look at the vendors, and a special gift from Tiki Kiliki. It’s volunteers who help keep massive and complicated events like Hukilau easy and affordable for so many people, and volunteering is actually fun, to boot — I’ve volunteered at events in the past, and will be doing so again at this year’s Hukilau. Those who are interested in volunteering should contact Tiki Kiliki, but be sure to read her post on Tiki Central first to get the specifics on how it works.

Also, any email about the Hukilau should go to tiki_kiliki@tikikiliki.com — there have been some technical difficulties with thehukilau.com domain’s email, so don’t send any email there.

Hawaiian Dick: The Last Resort #3 Preview

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Hawaiian Dick Preview, art by Steven Griffin
Hawaiian Dick Preview, art by Steven Griffin

The long-awaited third issue of Hawaiian Dick: The Last Resort is… well, actually, we’re still waiting for it. But! It’s now slated for a November release, and an eight-page preview is available online for those who need their jones for Hawaiian Dick fixed.

Hawaiian Dick is the creation of writer B. Clay Moore, with artwork from Steven Griffin. Hawaiian Dick juxtaposes film noir elements with a sixties Hawaii locale, and the result is a story and artwork that are oh-so-easy to loseWeight Exercise yourself in. Steven Griffin is a wonderful artist — his poster for the 2003 Exotica event, with exotic women draped on moai, was excellent — and his renderings of tiki bars and the characters that fill them are fantastic. Hawaiian Dick is truly a favorite of mine.

New Line has optioned the Hawaiian Dick comics for adaptation as a movie, with Johnny Knoxville attached to star.

La Vida Tiki: Southern California’s Polynesian Apartments

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Tiki Apartments in Redondo Beach
Tiki Apartments in Redondo Beach

In the mid- to late-1960s, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego had literally dozens of apartment complexes with a Polynesian design, and a marketing message to prospective tenants that their complex was an oasis, and escape from big city living into a personal tropical hideaway. Tikis, gas-powered flaming torches, tropical foliage, and water features abounded. Not many have survived intact, but it’s not difficult to see hints of them remaining: a lava rock wall here, outrigger beams there, spindly palm trees poking up… the tikis may be gone, but their shadow remains.

ZuluMagoo is a man possessed… by a love for Polynesian apartment complexes. He recently paid a visit to the L.A. County Library in downtown Los Angeles, and pored through the old Yellow Pages looking for suspect names; he’s posted a list of them for local tikiphiles to explore. ZuluMagoo, Sabu the Coconut Boy and others have recently posted a spate of reports from site visits to tiki apartments on Tiki Central, with many lovely pictures, and a few people have been able to dig up original promotional brochures. I won’t link to all the apartment threads in TC here, there are simply too many, but do look for them in Locating Tiki!

Nashville Tiki History: Omni Hut, Mahi Mahi and Blue Hawaii

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Swanky recently had an opportunity to sit down with the owner of Smyrna, Tennessee’s Omni Hut, Jim Walls, while visiting to help Turner South film a “Tiki Blue Ribbon” show there. While talking to Walls and his family, Swanky learned some details about Walls’ history. Walls started the Omni Hut (initially named “Chinese Cuisine”) after retiring from the Air Force in 1960; he had taken up cooking as a hobby and second job during his travels with the military, most notably in pre-World War II Honolulu. Walls also briefly owned the Mahi Mahi restaurant in nearby Nashville, which later became Blue Hawaii. The Mahi Mahi had an unusual, wide A-frame entrance; sadly the building was recently torn down. The Omni Hut is largely famous for two things: incredibly warm hospitality, and DIY drinks. The Omni Hut does not have a liquor license, but drink-spiking is encouraged… and having a little control over the rum in your drink is not a bad thing at all.

September 9, 2005

New Critiki Feature: Critiki Maps

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Critiki Maps
Critiki Maps

Ok, this is pretty cool. Thanks to Google Maps, I’ve been able to create maps in Critiki that will show all the tiki to be found in an area. Any location for which I have accurate latitude & longitude data now has a “View on Critiki Map” link (only visible when you’re logged in — registration is free, spam-free, and totally painless). It will display that tiki location plotted on a map, along with all other tiki locations in the area. You can also choose “By Critiki Map” under the Browse section for a view of the whole durned planet with all the tiki spots highlighted. It works just like Google Maps, so you can zoom in & out, click and drag to pan around, and you can switch to satellite mode to see actual aerial photographs of the area. Special tip of the hat to Scott McGerik; I was inspired to delve into the Google Maps API after seeing how he’d used it on his website to plot restaurants he’s reviewed.

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