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January 13, 2006

The Great Enchanted Tiki Room Dress Story

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Enchanted Tiki Room Dress
Enchanted Tiki Room Dress

This past summer, to celebrate the new Enchanted Tiki Room merchandise that Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily created for Disney, they were invited to do a presentation to the NFFC (that’s a huge Disney fan organization) at their big annual Disneyana convention in Anaheim. Kevin & Jody, who have a pretty darned good sense of show themselves, decided to go beyond just a simple “here’s what we’re selling” spiel, and instead developed a whole performance emceed by King Kukulele. There was singing, there was whistling, there was comedy bits. It was a smash success.

For the show, they wore their reproduction purple Enchanted Tiki Room shirts, one of the more anticipated items in the new merchandise. Kevin & Jody also happened to have the original, vintage, matching purple Enchanted Tiki Room dress; they had pressed the Powers That Be at Disney to also do a repro of the dress, and they were laughed at — their coworkers said no one would be caught dead in such a frumpy, dated dress! So, only the shirt was made.

Kevin & Jody asked me to participate in their show for the NFFC, and I got to wear their vintage Enchanted Tiki Room dress, which was a dream. We were quite a sight, all four of us in our matching purple Tiki Room prints, and after the show was over we went to Disneyland in them. It was a blast. I posted the story of this event, and the pictures from it, in a thread on Tiki Central.

Fast forward a bit — Kevin walks into the Disney offices one morning to see this picture of me EVERYWHERE.

It was on everybody’s desk, including the VP, and one of the women in the apparel group had it blown up to be a few feet tall and mounted on posterboard. You can probably imagine Kevin’s “what the…?!?” expression that morning, trying to figure out why he was seeing a picture of his weekly drinking buddy all over the place at work. He asked around to find out where everybody had gotten the picture, and discovered that someone at Disney had — totally independently from any efforts of Kevin & Jody — found that Tiki Central thread about the NFFC show, and the picture of me in that dress, and had flipped their lid! All of a sudden, they now LOVE this dress, and decided to make it.

They had already used all of the purple fabric for making the shirts. They were already underway on developing a reproduction of the vintage green version of the shirt, so they decided to make this dress in the green fabric.

So, this spring, you will be able to purchase this dress, in the same print but with a green background instead of purple, thanks to this bizarre turn of events!

Tiki Gig Poster Fantasia

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Gig poster from Coop
Gig poster from Coop

My friend Selector Lopaka has had a yen for rock show posters dating back to his days in the early ’90s Seattle scene. His fascination with rock artwork meets his tiki lovin’ ways in a collection of posters he’s shared on Tiki Central with tiki or tiki-friendly imagery in them. Lopaka says he’s found many of these images on gigposters.com, and he’s given the artist’s name when he could find it. Some of the tiki images are new creations, some are borrowings of older imagery, some are inspired, some are not, but all are a treat to view. Pictured here is one from the artist Coop.

The Shady Dell’s Tiki Bus

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The Shady Dell's Tiki Bus
The Shady Dell’s Tiki Bus

The Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona is an unusual hotel, offering a number of different travel trailers for rental to visitors to this remote, historic town. These trailers are restored vintage aluminum travel trailers, and feature vintage furnishings including televisions and phonographs. In recent years, they have added a 1947 Airporter bus that has been turned into a “Polynesian Palace,” complete with a hand-carved outrigger bar and “resident Tiki god.”

Cheese-Paté Pineapple

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Cheese-Pate Pineapple, from Sweet Daddy Tiki
Cheese-Pate Pineapple, from Sweet Daddy Tiki

Sweet Daddy Tiki posted the recipe for making this divine creation on Tiki Central. It’s a midcentury home entertainment hat trick — it is that classic snack table anchor, the cheeseball; it’s caked with photogenic sliced green olives; and it’s served alongside the hostess’ best friend, Wheat Thins. I don’t think I could be the first at a party to defile this awe-inspiring creation, but I’d certainly partake after someone else did the deed. A thing of beauty.

January 10, 2006

End Nearing for Royal Hawaiian?

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Royal Hawaiian in Laguna Beach
Royal Hawaiian in Laguna Beach

Scott McGerik recently visited the Royal Hawaiian in Laguna Beach, and he reports:

You might want to make a trip to the Royal Hawaiian soon! We learned from the bar staff that the RH is under new ownership and may be closing within the next two months.

Yikes! The Royal Hawaiian has seen better days, there’s no doubt. The pufferfish all seem to have contracted some sort of mange, to the extent that it’s actually impressive that they’ve managed to not fall. I think they’re suspended now only by decades of cigarette smoke residue. Now, that’s no detraction for me — my love for the musty is boundless — but whatever dusty ambience could have been achieved is destroyed by the late-’80s white rounded metal chairs. <<shudder>>

It wasn’t always this way — the Royal Hawaiian opened in 1947, making it one of the oldest places still around. It was originally in a different location, and there are photos of the old place up in the lobby. A few details here and there betray that the Royal Hawaiian once was nice. It wouldn’t take much to make it so again, just a bit of care. Today, the Royal Hawaiian is best known in my circles for being a place to get bombed on potent Lapu Lapus.

The Royal Hawaiian’s location right on PCH in Laguna Beach would be an attractive one for most any restaurant, so I can understand the concern that this sale may mean the end of the Royal Hawaiian. More details are needed!

January 9, 2006

Montclair: Mission Tiki Drive-In 50th Anniversary Bash

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The Mission Tiki Drive-In has announced plans for a party to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the drive-in. There had been tentative plans for an April party to celebrate the drive-in’s Grand (Re-)Opening as a newly-tikified joint, but it was decided to move the event back to August and make it an anniversary party instead. It’s scheduled for Saturday, August 5, and plans include bands, b-movies, a car show and vendors. As noted in a previous Humu Kon Tiki post, the organizers are the same folks responsible for the annual Drive Invasion at the Starlight Drive-In in Atlanta, which is a major event there. The Mission Tiki is between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, in Montclair.

New Tiki Coming to Long Beach: Puka Bar

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Puka Bar work by Crazy Al Evans
Puka Bar work by Crazy Al Evans

Crazy Al Evans has posted some pictures of work he’s doing on a new bar in Long Beach called Puka Bar on Tiki Central. He suggests that there’s a link to an ‘insider’ at The Lucky Tiki in Mission Hills and Bigfoot Lodge, both of which are owned by Bobby Green, but Green isn’t mentioned by name; perhaps the connection is someone else. The bar is at the location of the former K B Club. The pictures posted by Crazy Al show his work on carving tapa-like designs into the edge of the existing wood bar, and also include some shots that give a peek at the layout of the place. No word yet on when it might open.

Washington Post Article on Barcelona Tiki Bars

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The Washingon Post ran a piece on the tiki bars in Barcelona in yesterday’s Travel section. While the article shows the typical signs of a tiki-related puff piece (“tacky” rears its head in the title: “Barcelona Puts the Tiki in Tacky,” and I’m pretty sure that Martin Denny was not famous for his voice), the author is certainly one-up on me, as I haven’t made it to the tiki bars in Europe myself, yet. And it certainly feels good to see Tiki Central get a mention in the Washington Post.

January 8, 2006

Witco Bar on eBay

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Witco Bar for sale
Witco Bar for sale

This Witco bar is up on eBay in the Rhode Island area. The bar comes with three matching stools, and looks to be in excellent condition. This is a very lovely specimen. The bar can be picked up if you’re local, but the seller is able to deliver to New York and Boston for a small fee, and is willing to quote for shipments outside that area. The starting bid for the bar is $9.99, with an unknown reserve amount. Sven Kirsten’s next book will be taking an in-depth look at Witco — best to buy it now before everyone knows how cool it is!

The Great Tiki of Unlimited Abundance

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The Great Tiki of Unlimited Abundance
The Great Tiki of Unlimited Abundance

Sven Kirsten’s incomparable tome on all that is Polynesian Pop, The Book of Tiki, has become the go-to bible for tikiphiles, a must-read among must-reads. It’s densely packed with inspirational images of tiki’s glory days. So inspirational, in fact, that its images have been ripped off time and again for products and advertisements. Sven keeps very close track of these items that were inspired by the BoT, generally not because he wants to go after those responsible, but more because he is amused by them, and collects them.

Of all the BoT “borrowings” I’ve seen, none can compare to this — a junk mail scam for the “Last Great Tiki of Unlimited Abundance.” Nearly every graphic in the mailer is pulled straight from the Book of Tiki. The letter is purported to have been written by “Haapepe Tuarii” a “Great Maori Magus of Polynesia,” but the picture is actually of a waiter from the Mai Kai. His pictured “assistant” is a Kahiki mystery girl. A picture of some tikified apartments in Arcadia, California are labelled as “The ‘magic’ place where Haapape Tuarii practices the great ritual ceremonies of the solstice.” It goes on and on, in similar bizarre fashion.

Here’s how “Haapepe” says it works: a picture of a tiki (also from the BoT) is included in the mailer, the recipient is instructed to cut out the picture, hold it between their palms for one full minute to make a “karmic imprint,” and mail this image back within five days — with payment of $50, a “contribution to the legal fees for acceptance of inheritance.” It is promised that once this is done, all sorts of happy fun things will happen, including “BOUNDLESS UNIVERSAL MANA!!!”

It’s truly beautiful.

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