March 14, 2006

Dick Frizzell’s Mickey to Tiki Tu Meke

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Mickey to Tiki Tu Meke, by Dick Frizzell
Mickey to Tiki Tu Meke, by Dick Frizzell

New Zealand artist Dick Frizzell is a “renegade pop artist,” offering new perspectives of pervasive imagery. In the above piece, Mickey to Tiki Tu Meke, he creates a clever transition between two cultural icons. This lithograph is in the Christchurch Art Gallery in New Zealand; though it is not currently on display, the gallery does offer the image for sale on t-shirts, notecards and prints in its online shop.

24 Responses to “Dick Frizzell’s Mickey to Tiki Tu Meke”

  1. Ben Ellis Says:


    Prints of Mickey to Tiki by Dick Frizzell are available for $NZ90 at

  2. Ritch Says:

    That is a print, not a numbered original.

    I’ve just purchased a numbered original for $215 NZ…

  3. Steve Says:

    Where did you buy a numbered original from? I doubt it is for $215.

  4. olivia Says:

    I have a numbered print as well. My framer said it means it is a limited edition print. I didnt think it was but she said the numbers have to come off when they are reproduced otherwise. I would be interested to know if the ones on are numbered. She framed it with the number showing.

  5. Steve Says:

    The ones on are not numbered. Does anyone want to sell me a numbered one? Am very interested.

  6. olivia Says:

    Just found out apparently the CHCH art gallery didnt take the number off when they reproduced their prints from the galleries lithograph.

    I think mine is one of these.

    dont know if this is true?? but mine is from there and I think it was only about $60 – I bought it years ago

  7. olivia Says:

    I have since been told the CHCH gallery left the number from their lithograph on when they made prints – I think mine is just one of those. They are half the price at the gallery than they are on too

    I have had mine a few years now.

  8. Merilynne Evans Says:

    The Gallery Shop at the Christchurch Art Gallery has reproduced Dick Frizell’s Mickey to Tiki, Tu Meke, 1997, lithograph from its collection. At the artist’s suggestion we reproduced the work at the same size as the original and left the signature and the edition number 5/50 on it. 1000 prints were printed so if anyone has a print with the 5/50 on the bottom right hand corner it is a reproduction and not the original, which is in the Christchurch Art Gallery collection. This is not a limited edition print by our definition. The reproduction sells for $45.00 in our shop. We do not wholesale it but other retailers do purchase it from us at the full price.

  9. Rick Says:

    I have a ‘signed’ Mickey to Tike print with 5/50 on it. The signature is definitely pencil and below the print, so is it ‘original’? Has Dick had a series reprinted and re-signed?

  10. Merilynne Evans Says:

    No, the print you have is one of the 1000 we printed. It does look like a pencil signature but isn’t. There is only one ‘original’ with the 5/50 numbering and that is in the Christchurch Art Gallery’s collection.

  11. tom malone, dublin Says:

    hi- i was wondering if anyone knew of the availability/worth of the dick frizzell tuna cans that for sale in the chch art gallery a number of years ago. should you have any feedback feel free to email me:


  12. Bayden Barber Says:


    Our band is really interested in using this image on our album cover. Who would I need to approach to get the right permissions etc? Could anyone who knows please email me


  13. Megan Says:

    What media hss this work been applied in?

  14. Merilynne Evans Says:

    The original is a lithograph.

  15. Benedict Says:

    Is it standard practice for galleries to reproduce limited edition prints in this way?

  16. Kirstay Says:

    Hey! Its on display @ the Christchurch Art gallery
    at the moment!!!

  17. Ann Heidekr├╝ger Says:

    What does Tu Meke mean, I’ve just giiven a print to my son for his birthday and we wanted to know what it meant.

  18. Angela Fox Says:

    I am also interested in knowing what Tu Meke means, I’m studying this piece at Unitec, ( Design and Visual Arts) and we have it posted on our blackboard as being called “It’s About Time.” This appears to be scrawled in the artist’s handwriting underneath the lithograph on the blank area. Does anyone know what that might be all about?

  19. Matt Whyte Says:

    From what I gathered talking with someone at Momentum Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand, ‘It’s About Time’ is a reprint of ‘Mickey to Tiki’. It may also be a slightly different colour (off white?) in the background compared to the original Mickey to Tiki print.

  20. Susan O'Rourke Says:

    Bugger! I thought I had a limited edition too, 5/50!!!!!! The print looks great on my wall though.

  21. Rob Says:

    The ‘It’s about time’ is a limited edition re-print for the 10yr anniversary of the original print. There are 250 of them done and these are signed etc. Sell for around $1500.,

  22. Emma Says:

    Tu Meke is the maori transliteration for “too much”….

  23. Neuseeland Journal Says:

    Good day,

    At this time I was collecting new stuff for an article on Christchurch for our German travel guide to New Zealand when I was sent by Yahoo to your page. Actually, I didn’t find exactly what I expected. But, your article has given me inspiration for another article. Insofar: Thanks.

    Kind regards,

  24. lala Says:

    i am 12 and Dick Frizzle has inspired me yeah true

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