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March 29, 2006

Newport Beach: Dumb Angel @ Sid’s Blue Beet

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The swingin' scene this coming Sunday at Sid's Blue Beet
The swingin’ scene this coming Sunday at Sid’s Blue Beet

This Sunday, April 2, the Dumb Angel guys (Brian Chidester and Domenic Priore) are hosting a swingin’ soiree in Newport Beach. It’ll be at Sid’s Blue Beet, a cabaret that opened in 1912, and was a famous center of beatnik-y goodness in the ’50s and ’60s. The Dumb Angel guys are excited to be bringing some great So Cal surf instrumental music to Newport, with the Boardwalkers and the Ghastly Ones set to perform, along with an acoustic performance by Billy Hinsche. Between sets, Chidester & Priore will be doing their historic film-clip thing, which alone would be worth the trip. Kari French and her go-go troupe will also be performing, and there will be raffle drawings all night. Plenty of parking, on the street, in the side lot, and near the beach.

Sunday, April 2nd
Sid’s Blue Beet
107 21st Place
Newport Beach, CA 92663-4338
(949) 675-2338

6 p.m. to Midnight

Snappy Hour Invitation Kit with Luau Images

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Sample Snappy Hour Invitation from Mister Retro
Sample Snappy Hour Invitation
from Mister Retro

Mister Retro has released a new kit of images and fonts, the Snappy Hour Invitation Kit. The kit includes over 220 vector images by artist Derek Yaniger, including a couple dozen tiki-tastic images for luau invitations. The other images are fab too, with great retro BBQ, cocktail party, NYE images and more. The set also comes with four wonderful Font Diner fonts — Font Diner fonts are some of my favorites, they are so well done — and a dingbat font with lots of neat little images. The usage restrictions are very generous — see the site for details — and you get the whole shebang for an incredibly inexpensive $32. Basically, anything you see on either the Mister Retro or Font Diner site is going to be of great quality, with even greater prices.

March 26, 2006


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The weekend’s been a strange one. As you’ve probably seen, yesterday morning someone shot and killed six people at a party in Seattle, where I was born and lived for nearly 30 years. The shooting took place at the house of a friend of mine; thankfully he’s in the list of survivors. At least one of the people who died was a man who was a close friend of several of my friends. I don’t think I ever met him, but from what I’ve read about him, it sounds like he was a truly great guy. Interesting, warm and welcoming. Those people are my favorites, and the world needs more of them. Lots more of them. All it takes is one random nutjob to make you want to circle the wagons a little closer, wall off the new people and the outsiders. I’ve had it with nutjobs. 99% of the people out there are great, and worth opening your arms to. I thank my lucky stars that the nutjobs I’ve had to deal with are more the type to shoot themselves in the foot. I’ve cried a bit today for my friends; luckily they have a great network up there, and will not be lacking for emotional support.

Sorry to go all personal — this is the first time I’ve made a non-tiki post on Humu Kon Tiki, and I definitely won’t be making a habit of it.

March 17, 2006

Tiki Jay One, Urban Landscapist

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by Tiki Jay One
by Tiki Jay One

Los Angeles-based graffiti artist Tiki Jay One has created works up and down the west coast, with most of his pieces visible in the South Bay area. Many of his works feature aspects of Polynesian Pop, most notably his squared-off moai logo. He uses a variety of techniques, but most of his work is in stark black-and-white, using intricate stencils. Above is a sculpture of Tiki Jay’s logo done in 250 pounds of concrete, 20 feet above sea level. The picture was taken at Venice Beach in early January 2006. Tiki Jay has been featured in Time magazine, and he had a solo show at Walled City gallery in June 2005.

Tiki Farm Moai Chimenea

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Tiki Farm moai chimenea
Tiki Farm moai chimenea

Holden Westland, owner of Tiki Farm, posted on Tiki Central about a new product currently in production, a chimenea shaped like a moai. A chimenea is a freestanding outdoor fireplace, often made of clay, and Mexican in origin. The recessed area on the moai’s belly will be opening, where logs are placed. Holden hasn’t yet given information on when he expects these to be available, or how much they’ll cost, but he said he’d add information as he could to the thread on Tiki Central.

Tiki Photos on Flickr

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Beachbum Berry and Tiki, photo by Annene von Durchgerockt
Photo by Annene von Durchgerockt

I subscribe to the Flickr feed of photos with the tag “tiki” (Flickr is a popular photo service that lets you assign tags to your photos, and then lets you see all photos with that tag). About half of the photos are of people’s pets (why are there so many cats and dogs named Tiki?). The remaining images are a fun assortment of pictures of people’s collections, home tiki bars, road trips and nights out on the town — colorful stuff.

Today, the above photo showed up. It’s a fantastic, striking image, and I love it. I loved it even more when I realized, after giving it a moment of scrutiny, that the man at the left is my old Tiki-Ti drinking buddy, Jeff “Beachbum” Berry. The photo comes from the Flickr collection of his wife, Annene. Small world.

Tonga Bar in Norway

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Tonga Bar in Norway, photo by Kilikopela
Tonga Bar in Norway, photo by Kilikopela

While on a business trip to a small town in Norway recently, Kilikopela came across a surprising find — a newer tiki bar, complete with tapa-covered walls, bamboo beams, and plenty of tikis. The town, Tonsberg, is about an hour and a half south of Oslo, and is largely a tourist destination during the summer months. Kilikopela was there during the winter off-season, and the bar wasn’t open during his time in town. Eventually, he was able to get inside to take a few pictures, which he posted on Tiki Central. The bar looks great, I’d love to hear from someone who’s been able to enjoy a beverage or two there.

Incidentally, Kilikopela’s wife, Brittanie, gives better blog than anyone I know.

March 16, 2006

Knitted Maori Tiki

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Knitted Maori tiki, by Pikininiz
Knitted Maori tiki, by Pikininiz

This was knitted by a girl in New Zealand, and she based it on Maori tiki designs. I must admit that I wouldn’t have recognized it as such without the helpful comparison images. It’s cute, though. The webpage is in French, and here’s the same page translated through Google.

March 15, 2006

Perfect Tiki Bar: The Music

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The Exotic Moods of Les Baxter, a CD compilation (out of print)
The Exotic Moods of Les Baxter,
a CD compilation (out of print)

This is the third installment in my ongoing series on what makes the Perfect Tiki Bar; my earlier entries addressed The Lighting and The Drinks. The Music… this one’s a bit of a tougher nut to crack.

You see, as far as I’m aware, we don’t really have a record (pardon the pun) of what music was played. We have postcards, photographs, menus, and in some cases still-standing restaurants to give us an idea of what the decor, food and drinks at these places were like, but when it comes to the music that was played, it mostly comes down to rememberances of patrons and employees. And apparently, the music wasn’t really memorable, as it’s not something you hear a lot about. The music of the era gets relatively little coverage in Sven Kirsten’s Book of Tiki.


Astounding Tiki Art by Flounder

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Marquesas, by Flounder
Marquesas, by Flounder

Scott Scheidly, a.k.a. Flounder, is an excellent Florida-based artist, whose works have themes of pop culture, often mixed with the mythologies of various cultures. He has a variety of styles, from stunning photorealistic works to abstracts, and does a lot of interesting mixed-media pieces. I’m fortunate to own two pieces by Flounder. The piece at the left, Marquesas, was created by Flounder for the Tiki Art Now show in San Francisco in 2004. The piece originally was sold with a simple box at the bottom filled with wood chips, but somehow it came again in Flounder’s possession. It had sustained some damage, and Flounder put it in a wooden frame and offered it for sale again — this time I was able to snap it up. The tiki almost looks plasticene in its realism, sort of hyper-realistic.

The other Flounder item that I own is a cigar-box purse. The tiki face painted on the front is from a tiki mug. When seen in person, it looks like a photograph; more than once I’ve seen people only believe it’s painted when scrutinizing it very closely. Flounder is incredibly skilled.

Tiki is only one small aspect of Flounder’s broad work, and all of his work is truly excellent. Truth be told, I think I actually like his non-Tiki work even better — his skills are on clear display in his tiki stuff, but I find his other works to be more compelling art. He’s been in shows all over the country, and his stuff always seems to sell quickly.

I’ve included larger pictures of my Flounder stuff after the jump.


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