April 11, 2006

What In Polynesian Pop?

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WIPP Item 1
Item 1
WIPP Item 2
Item 2
WIPP Item 3
Item 3

WIPP Item 4
Item 4
WIPP Item 5
Item 5
WIPP Item 6
Item 6

WIPP Item 7
Item 7
WIPP Item 8
Item 8
WIPP Item 9
Item 9

When I was kneehigh to a menehune, I loved the “What In the World” feature at the back of the National Geographic World magazine for kids. It showed zoomed-in photos of things (a butterfly’s wing, the center of a dandelion), and you had to guess the item. I thought I’d try the same with some of my tiki stuff I have here at home — and so I bring you What in Polynesian Pop. If you recognize an item pictured above, post your guess as a comment! Be warned — some of these items are probably pretty hard to guess — but I’ll offer clues if people are truly stumped. They’re all Polynesian Pop-related, and they are all objects in my own collection. When someone has a bang-on guess, I’ll announce the item and the name of the correct guesser.

17 Responses to “What In Polynesian Pop?”

  1. cleen Says:

    item 8 is the menehune drink stirrer guy from trader vic’s. hopefully it isnt the one with the sex change confusion (i cant tell from that angle)

  2. tangaroa Says:

    Item one is that usb tiki with the flashing eyes, three is the cover of the Grog Log, and eight is a menehune from Trader Vics, I believe….

  3. Helz Says:

    #2 is a Trader Vic’s Port Light Glass, and #9 is one of the feet on the famous Humuhumu bamboo purse (as seen in the Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room Collectibles ad)

  4. Swanky Says:

    Item #2 is definitely the Port Light Glass; Item #3 is the cover of the Grog Log. #4 looks like jewelry I think and #8 actually looks more like a part of a mug to me. But I am not at home to compare…

  5. Humu Kon Tiki » Blog Archive » WIPP: Three Items Revealed Says:

    [...] What In Polynesian Pop? [Humu Kon Tiki] [...]

  6. Chip and Andy Says:

    Item 8 looks like the hair from the United Airlines Menehune.

    Item 7 looks kind of like some of the printing on the Mai-Tai glass from Trader Vics

    But, some hints would be helpfull. All of the easy ones have been guessed.

  7. Humuhumu Says:

    Here’s a hint: Item 8 is a menehune, but the kind of menehune it is hasn’t yet been mentioned.

  8. sneAKYTIKI Says:

    Item #5 looks like the shell inlaid on wood typical of Solomon islands art, it looks like a detail from a nguzunguzu or head hunting canoe /canoe prow. Item 9 looks like part of a tiki mug shelf like the bottom or top.

  9. sneAKYTIKI Says:

    item 8 is the male christmas/kalikimaka menehune from the swizzle at trader Vics.

  10. Humu Kon Tiki » Blog Archive » WIPP: Item 8 Revealed Says:

    [...] Item 8 in the What In Polynesian Pop game has been correctly guessed by sneAKYTIKI — that makes four items total that have been guessed, and five to go. The answer to Item 8 is after the jump: [...]

  11. cleen Says:

    okay, i will be the first to express frustration. item 6 is really bothering me. it is so familiar. i have viewed these pictures so much that i am starting to think “gee, i have seen these before” with the answer being i have seen them all here at the website.

    could item 5 possibly be from a menu?

  12. makemake Says:

    Tangaroa was almost (mostly?) right about item #1– it is a USB Tiki Drive. Not the newer mentioned on this blog a few days ago, but the older one that was available in 2004-2005.

  13. Humu Kon Tiki » Blog Archive » WIPP: Item 1 Revealed Says:

    [...] Another success in the What In Polynesian Pop guessing game — makemake hit on what exactly Item 1 is. That brings the total of guessed items to five, with four more waiting to be discovered. The answer to Item 1 is revealed after the jump: [...]

  14. Humu Kon Tiki » Blog Archive » What in Polynesian Pop? Zoom Out Round Says:

    [...] Five out of the nine items have been successfully guessed in the What in Polynesian Pop game, and these are the last four items. You’ll notice they’ve been zoomed out slightly. Take yer best shot! [...]

  15. TofuJoe Says:

    Item 5 is a Kamaka Uke. Not sure if you need a specific uke ;-)

  16. Humu Kon Tiki » Blog Archive » WIPP: Final Two Items Revealed Says:

    [...] The What In Polynesian Pop game comes to its exciting conclusion, as diablo successfully identifies Item 7. That leaves only Item 4, which is a rather slippery fish, so I’m going ahead and revealing it. You can click each item below to see the answers. Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 [...]

  17. hanford Says:

    You should do another one of these!

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