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September 18, 2006

Opportunity to Comment on Beverly Hills Trader Vic’s Demolition

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Entrance to Beverly Hills Trader Vic's
Entrance to Beverly Hills Trader Vic’s

The city of Beverly Hills has released a Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on the proposed re-development of the Beverly Hilton hotel, which currently houses the Beverly Hills Trader Vic’s. As previously reported here, here, and here, the current plans call for the demolition of the tower holding Trader Vic’s, to make room for luxury condominiums. A public scoping meeting is scheduled for tonight:

Monday, Sept 18th, 2006
6:30 to 8:30pm
Public Library Auditorium, Second Floor
444 North Rexford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA

The outline of the plan will be given at tonight’s meeting, and the public will have an opportunity to comment. If you can’t get to the meeting tonight, fear not: the city is also requesting written comments. The comments should be sent ASAP, as the EIR begins on October 11. Here’s the address:

City of Beverly Hills
Department of Community Development
455 North Rexford Drive, Room G-40
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Attn: Donna Jerex, Senior Planner

Emailed comments can be sent to HiltonHotelComments@beverlyhills.org

Monkeyman Album Frames Now for Sale

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Carved wood album frame, by Monkeyman
Carved wood album frame, by Monkeyman

You might remember my post back in March, when Derek Weaver, a.k.a. Monkeyman, was sending out feelers for the possible demand for inexpensive album frames. He is now testing the waters with his first larger-production offering, with mass-produced (but still wood — not resin) frames, available for $30 ($25 each if you’re buying 3 or more). He has 50 of them right now, and if they sell well enough, he may do another round. If you’re interested in purchasing frames, you can contact Monkeyman via Tiki Central PM, or email him at derek@monkeymandesign.com. Monkeyman also has a new website, where you can see his many custom pieces (be sure to take a gander at the Enchanted Tiki Room frame he did!).

Tiki Mosaics by Velvet Glass

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Maiden Offering, by Velvet Glass
Maiden Offering, by Velvet Glass

Mark Bloom and Maggie Rickard of Velvet Glass create the most lovely scenes of tikis, wahines and other midcentury-pop inspired tropical scenes, all rendered in mosaics of glass tile. The Tuscon-based couple have been creating these mosaics for some time now, but they have not been offered for sale on their website — until now. There are a dozen or so mosaics available, including Maiden Offering, pictured at left (the maiden is likely inspired by a menu from Zombie Village in Oakland, and is one of my very favorite pieces of Poly-Pop imagery). These are exquisite pieces of art, and are priced accordingly — if there isn’t room in your budget for one, they also are offering reproductions of the originals as prints, cards and coasters.

September 15, 2006

Homemade Enchanted Tiki Room Birds

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Homemade Enchanted Tiki Room Birds
Homemade Enchanted Tiki Room Birds, by ZuluMagoo

ZuluMagoo (publisher of the Rocky Mountain Tiki Newsletter) is currently working on his new home tiki bar, the Kona Luanii. One of the projects for his room are these fantastic birds, inspired of course by the ones at the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland. He took inexpensive feathered plastic parrots from Party City, mounted them on some garage-sale-find rattan plant hangers (which, when turned upside down, become perfect perches), and added a few decorative elements, including hats and shells. To cap it all off, he named his birds “Otto” and “Sven” as a tribute to Otto von Stroheim, creator of Tiki News, and Sven Kirsten, author of the Book of Tiki. A very inexpensive project that turned out to be impressively spot-on. You can see his post about the project, and his work on his home tiki bar, on Tiki Central.

Colorado Springs: A Night at the Castaways

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Flyer for a Night at the Castaways
Flyer for a Night at the Castaways

The Rocky Mountain Tiki Newsletter presents a fun evening: a Night at the Castaways. The Castaways restaurant opened in 1971, and it still has its original tiki decor intact. This little-known restaurant is in Manitou Springs, at the foot of Pikes Peak, just outside of Colorado Springs. The gang is getting together there at about 6 p.m. on Saturday, October 21. A whole bunch of people will be gathering first in Denver, and forming a caravan to make the 60-minute drive; they are meeting at 4:30 in the parking lot of the Red Robin restaurant at the Park Meadows Mall, and will have maps to hand out. If you’d like to RSVP, or you’d like to start receiving the Rocky Mountain Tiki Newsletter, contact Zulu Magoo at RockyMountainTiki@yahoo.com.

Massive Moai: Las Vegas

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Eli Hedley-carved Moai at Sunset Park in Las Vegas, photo by aquarj
Eli Hedley-carved Moai at
Sunset Park in Las Vegas,
photo by aquarj

This great big moai is perhaps the most famous of all of them — after the originals on Rapa Nui, of course. This moai was carved by Eli Hedley for the Aku Aku restaurant, at the Stardust casino. There were two of them, and they stood guard at the front of the casino, looking over all the tourists passing by along the strip. The moai were such a strong visual that even in a city defined by its strong visuals, they were a standout, and became icons for not just the Stardust, but for Vegas itself. It is depicted on the moist towelette from the Aku Aku I posted on Monday.

After the Aku Aku closed, one of the moai made its way to Sunset Park in Las Vegas, which is off the strip, near the airport. There is a pond at the park, and this moai sits on an island in the middle of the pond.

September 11, 2006

Shag at Tiki Art Now in Seattle This Weekend

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Headlights, by Crazy Al Evans
Headlights, by Crazy Al Evans

The latest updates on this weekend’s Tiki Art Now show at Roq la Rue in Seattle’s Belltown district:

Shag Will Be There
Not only will there be art by Shag in the show, Shag will be there in person. Other artists who will be in attendance include Lisa Petrucci, Heather Watts, Dawn Fraiser, and Davey.

Busotica: A Seattle Tiki Junket
Some of the Tiki Central folks have organized a lunch at The Islander downtown, followed by a trip to four very excellent Seattle home tiki bars for Saturday, the day after the art opening. $15 gets you a seat on the bus, you can read more details in the thread on Tiki Central. Should be a great day!

View the Art
For us poor schmucks who can’t make it (or for those who can and can’t wait to see what’s in store), Roq la Rue has an online preview of the art.

You can also read my earlier Humu Kon Tiki post for more of the nitty-gritties. I won’t be able to be at the show myself, which has me a bit bummed (I’ll be drowning my sorrows at Hooptylau, so don’t feel too sorry for me). It will be a great weekend in Seattle, with some fab art and some of my favorite people — the Jet City Mucky Mucks.

Nothing Says “Fancy” Like a Moist Towelette

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Aku Aku moist towelette, from the collection of Tiki Ranch
Aku Aku moist towelette, from the collection of Tikiranch

This is one of the more divine mementos from a Polynesian restaurant I have ever come across. There are so many little things in life that bring me joy well out of proportion of their small role in the universe: Bottle Caps, cocktail umbrellas, capers… but perhaps this is best exemplified by the moist towelette. I still get silly-happy when I get them, and even more excited when I get to use them. I love that fake-lemony-alcohol scent (so much so, in fact, that I have an embarassing predilection for Mike’s Hard Lemonade on those rare occasions I’m not up for hard liquor — please don’t tell anyone).

This one comes from the Aku Aku in Las Vegas, which was once at the Stardust. It’s the first time I’ve seen a custom moist towelette from a tiki place, and it’s especially great since it also has not just any tiki on it — it has a drawing of one of Aku Aku’s massive moai, which were carved by Eli Hedley; one of them resides today at Sunset Park in Las Vegas. I really love the drawing of the waiter, offering the individual “Just for You” towel. So fancy!

I found this at the blog of Tikiranch — there are actually scant tiki things on the blog, but he does post many highly covetable flea market finds (check out the Hacienda Barmobile postcard!).

Critiki on Yahoo!’s The 9

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Critiki on Yahoo!'s The 9
Critiki on Yahoo!’s The 9

It’s been an exciting few days for my websites… this weekend, the How to Build a Tiki Bar post here on Humu Kon Tiki got a mention on Boing Boing (which is always a nice thing), and this morning, I woke up to the news that my tiki bar website, Critiki, made Yahoo!’s The 9. I actually had never heard of The 9, it’s a daily list of 9 sites that Yahoo! thinks are worth a mention, and they do so in a format that looks not unlike the TV Guide Channel. They show Critiki’s Spinning Globe of Tiki Goodness in the video, which is very cool, but for some reason they show pictures that are from Humu Kon Tiki instead of some of the actual photos in Critiki, which are generally as good or better. Go figure. They also didn’t spend enough time at either of those sites to actually get the tiki thing — they intro into the next site’s profile by saying something about watching sports at tiki bars (???). But I really shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, it’s a wonderful thing for Critiki to be introduced to a new audience. Of all my sites, it’s the one that’s closest to my heart.

Also, yesterday I got to meet some readers in the flesh, when they recognized me at a party. (It was such a treat to meet you!) That’s always extra-cool, and makes me feel less silly for having my picture on the site — it’s definitely worth it when readers are able to recognize me and come up and chat tiki with me.

September 9, 2006

Deluxe Custom Lamps by Kahaka

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Volcano lamp by Kahaka
Volcano lamp by Kahaka

Bay-area artist Kahaka makes some of the best lamps for tiki bars out there. He makes them custom, and uses bamboo and tapa cloth, re-creating some of the best traditional styles, and also coming up with some of his own. His lamps have been hung in professional and home tiki bars around the globe, including the Kahiki Moon in Vermont, the Tabou Tiki Room in Berlin, Kona Club in Oakland and Forbiden Island in Alameda. This lamp is in a volcano shape, with tapa cloth sides, and crosscut bamboo rings for the base, and can be seen hanging at Forbidden Island.

Eight-sided lamp by Kahaka
Eight-sided lamp by Kahaka

Like the ones mentioned in my post about Orchids of Hawaii lamps, Kahaka’s lamps are very much in line with the lamps I mentioned in my Perfect Tiki Bar: the Lighting article; unlike Orchids of Hawaii, which is long out-of-business, Kahaka’s lamps can be purchased today. Lamps like these go a long way to setting the perfect, exotic mood, and are a must-have item for a good tiki bar. A photo gallery of Kahaka’s work can be seen on Yahoo, and he also has a thread of his creations on Tiki Central. If you’d like to have Kahaka create one of his wonderful lamps for your home or restaurant, you can contact him at jchadgreenwood@aol.com, or by sending him a PM on Tiki Central.

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