November 1, 2006

A Meaty Halloween

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I'm Bacon! Pleased to meat ya!
I’m Bacon! Pleased to meat ya!

Last night’s Halloween party at Forbidden Island was a hoot — the place was packed with lots of fun people in some really great costumes. My personal favorite was Thayer’s — she was a scarily accurate Crazy Cat Lady, with a dozen or so cats in her arms and trailing behind her, and a delightfully disturbed and disheveled appearance. I think that if she’d been eligible for the costume contest, she would have won, it was awesome. There was also a mermaid, a Napolean Dynomite zombie, a space cadet, a devil, a ghostly undead groom and bride, a pregnant nun and a very naughty looking priest, a spider couple, Wednesday Addams, bride of Frankenstein, an adorkable sf movie nerd, a tiki or two, and a couple of Scottish clown doctors. The Jab DJed a great set — he was dressed as an early-’80s hip-hop DJ (he had some fly Adidas on), and the end of the evening segued from great old monster tunes to a full early-’80s hip-hop set.

For one glorious evening, I got to be bacon. The candy of the meats. I’m not entirely clear what inspired me to be bacon — the idea popped into my head on the way home from Forbidden Island last Wednesday, and by Saturday afternoon I’d finished turning two big sheets of foam, some glue & spray paint into a whole new taste sensation of a costume. You want an instant self-esteem booster — just go out dressed as everyone’s favorite breakfast meat. Everyone loves bacon, and they all want to show it. No one was able to resist at least saying “bacon!” excitedly under their breath as they passed by me, but most folks wanted a bit more, some even trying to lick or bite me. Thankfully, I thought ahead and brought a bag of bacon to hand out to the masses — I couldn’t send people into a savory frenzy and then not deliver the goods.

I’ve got my pictures here (Hanford took all of these photos; I couldn’t really handle the camera in my getup), and there are sure to be many other photos soon in the thread on Tiki Central.

7 Responses to “A Meaty Halloween”

  1. Swanky Says:

    Wow, there was the same cat lady at the party I went to! Cats all over her and wacky looking.

  2. Humuhumu Says:

    Thayer was very convincing — she’d named them all, and had just the right disoriented look on her face.

    What did you go as, Swanky?

  3. Brittanie Says:

    “Candy of the meats.”

    You are hilarious. I love the look on your face in this picture.

  4. MrBaliHai Says:

    I thought ahead and brought a bag of bacon

    Cooked, I hope…

  5. Humuhumu Says:

    I can’t take complete credit for “candy of the meats” — if memory serves, my dear and darling friend and fellow bacon fiend Monica called it that when we were out on a drunken bacon binge together years ago.

    Yep, my bacon was nicely cooked — I even brought the costume into the kitchen as I cooked it, with the hope that the costume might soak up some of the bacony aroma.

  6. swanky Says:

    I’m a clothes horse. I have mabe three closets full and can throw on a “costume” in minutes from hippy to Pee Wee to Honky Tonk star, etc. I had in mind to go as Special Agent Dale Cooper since the hosts of the party would get the costume. I had the wanted poster of Bob and everything, and then could not find my micro recorder! Without Diane, I had no costume. I could not tear apart the basement in suit and tie to find it. So, I had to go with the fall back costume. I was “dressed up” for Halloween. Hardeeharhar.

    I have been tormented for decades by the fact that I cannot convert to Judaism due to my great love for bacon and pork barbeque. The LORD will understand I hope.

  7. Humuhumu Says:

    I hear that lord guy is really understanding. It’s, like, his main schtick, I guess. And pork barbecue is nummy.

    So, here’s something super-eerie — a fella in Mesa, AZ was also a strip of bacon for Halloween, and his costume is so similar to mine as to be kinda unnerving… check it out!

    Halloween 2006 Bacon Costume [Anthony Garone]

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