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March 20, 2007

San Diego: Tiki Oasis 7

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Tiki Oasis 7
Tiki Oasis 7

Tiki Oasis tickets are now on sale! This year, Tiki Oasis will be bigger and better than ever — the entire Hanalei Hotel has been booked for the event (that means room parties are a big go!). Speaking of go — that’s the theme this year (beyond tiki, of course) — Otto von Stroheim is combining his love of tiki with his wife Baby Doe’s love of go-go dancing. The event is a mixture of tiki, go-go and burlesque, with performances by the Blue Hawaiians, the Tiki Tones, the Martini Kings, LA dance mainstays Satisfaction and Bardot-a-Go-Go, and Baby Doe’s own Devilettes. It’s a jam-packed weekend, for full details and to purchase tickets, visit the Tiki Oasis website.

The Chongo Brush

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The Chongo Brush
The Chongo Brush

A genius idea! Chongolio has designed this nifty little brush, to help you clean your tall, narrow tiki mugs. That clever little monkey. Tiki Farm is producing them, and they’ll go on sale sometime this summer.

The Islands Restaurant Gutting Results

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The new Islands Restaurant, photo by bamalamalu
The new Islands Restaurant, photo by bamalamalu

Not that anyone’s hopes were high, but it’s still crushing to see… above is a photo of the newly renovated Islands Restaurant in San Diego, taken by bamalamalu and posted to Tiki Central yesterday. Blech! It doesn’t even look like a restaurant any more, it looks like a hospital waiting room.

March 6, 2007

Profoundly Lame Aku Aku Motor Inn Remodel

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Aku Aku Motel postcard, from the collection of Tim Haack
Aku Aku Motel postcard, from the collection of Tim Haack
Aku Aku Motor Inn remodel, from Curbed LA
Aku Aku Motel remodel, from Curbed LA

Curbed LA has photos of the recently completed remodel of the Aku Aku Motor Inn in Woodland Hills, just north of Los Angeles. Until very recently, the Aku Aku looked very much like the artist’s rendering seen in the above postcard from the collection of Tim Haack. The distinctive A-frame was demolished last fall, to make way for this completely blech new facade. Why did they even bother to keep the name?

March 5, 2007

New Site: Junkyard Clubhouse

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Junkyard Clubhouse
Junkyard Clubhouse

Because I didn’t have enough websites: Junkyard Clubhouse! I’ve created this new site with my better half Hanford Lemoore (this is the first time we’ve done a site together, so it’s kind of neat). We both found ourselves wanting to post about weird random stuff — and shoehorning off-topic stuff into our tiki & tech blogs would be bad. So we whipped up this goofy little playground, where we can dump all the little extra bits that are cluttering up our brains, letting us stay nice & focused when we’re posting on our more respectable blogs. Who knows, maybe there’s even an audience for our brain leftovers.

Nixie tubes
Nixie tubes

Hanford’s at the Game Developers Conference all this week (I’m sticking to the GDC parties, just like last year), so he won’t be posting as much at first — but he’s already got a great post up about nixie tubes.

March 2, 2007

After 20 Years, the Triumphant Return of Trader Vic’s to Dallas!

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Formikahini enjoys a Mai Tai at the Dallas Trader Vic's, photo by Kenike
Formikahini enjoys a Mai Tai at the Dallas Trader Vic’s, photo by Kenike

Very, very exciting times in Dallas… the long-anticipated day has finally arrived, and the Dallas Trader Vic’s has reopened. The great news, the fabulous news, the pinch-me-I’m-dreaming news, is that they’ve worked hard to keep it intact. Some updates and repairs had to be made, but the architect working on the project, William Baker of Jones Baker Interior + Architecture, took care to preserve the original look as much as possible, including tracking down vintage fixtures, matching the original carpet, and having carvers reproduce original panels. (William Baker is also working on the interiors of the new Destin, Florida Trader Vic’s location.)

Dallas Trader Vic's, photo by Kenike
Dallas Trader Vic’s, photo by Kenike

Tiki Centralites Kenike and Formikahini (pictured above) have posted their trip report from a soft-opening night at the Dallas Trader Vic’s. These two are hard-boiled tikiphiles, with a discerning eye — and they’ve come away more than pleased. The pictures tell the story: the Dallas Trader Vic’s is quite possibly now the best of the stateside Trader Vic’s. It’s gorgeous, people.

The bar at Dallas Trader Vic's, photo by Kenike
The bar at Dallas Trader Vic’s, photo by Kenike
Dallas Star cocktail, photo by Kenike
Dallas Blue Star cocktail, photo by Kenike

In keeping with Trader Vic’s tradition (hooray for Trader Vic’s tradition!), a new drink has been created to commemorate the opening: the Dallas Blue Star, pictured here in a photo from Kenike. The drink has tequila, agave nectar, cointreau, lime juice and is garnished with a star fruit slice — very pretty. Formikahini notes that the drink is a bit sweeter than is her preference, but points out that you get to keep this glass, a Dallas Trader Vic’s exclusive, which is essentially a taller, more slender variation on the classic Mai Tai glass.

Original massive moai at Dallas Trader Vic's, photo by Kenike
Original massive moai at Dallas Trader Vic’s, photo by Kenike

Kenike and Formikahini were treated to a full tour of the restaurant, including a rare visit with this massive moai, carved by Barney West, which stood guard at Trader Vic’s for many years until the restaurant closed. The moai is not in the greatest shape, but is currently being restored with hopes of returning it to its proper post once more.

I could go on and on and on… this is so exciting to see. This is what a tiki bar should look like. Bravo to everyone involved in making this happen — it probably wasn’t always easy, and there probably was more than a bit of convincing involved. Thank you for your efforts! Thanks also to Kenike and Formikahini for doing such a wonderful job of documenting the opening for those of us who can’t be there in person. It’s making me want to check air fares to Dallas….

To see more of Kenike’s excellent pictures, and hear more details (including the fascinating backstory on that Barney West moai), be sure to check out this thread on Tiki Central. The Trader Vic’s Dallas website also has more pictures.

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