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September 11, 2006

Shag at Tiki Art Now in Seattle This Weekend

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Headlights, by Crazy Al Evans
Headlights, by Crazy Al Evans

The latest updates on this weekend’s Tiki Art Now show at Roq la Rue in Seattle’s Belltown district:

Shag Will Be There
Not only will there be art by Shag in the show, Shag will be there in person. Other artists who will be in attendance include Lisa Petrucci, Heather Watts, Dawn Fraiser, and Davey.

Busotica: A Seattle Tiki Junket
Some of the Tiki Central folks have organized a lunch at The Islander downtown, followed by a trip to four very excellent Seattle home tiki bars for Saturday, the day after the art opening. $15 gets you a seat on the bus, you can read more details in the thread on Tiki Central. Should be a great day!

View the Art
For us poor schmucks who can’t make it (or for those who can and can’t wait to see what’s in store), Roq la Rue has an online preview of the art.

You can also read my earlier Humu Kon Tiki post for more of the nitty-gritties. I won’t be able to be at the show myself, which has me a bit bummed (I’ll be drowning my sorrows at Hooptylau, so don’t feel too sorry for me). It will be a great weekend in Seattle, with some fab art and some of my favorite people — the Jet City Mucky Mucks.

September 9, 2006

Deluxe Custom Lamps by Kahaka

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Volcano lamp by Kahaka
Volcano lamp by Kahaka

Bay-area artist Kahaka makes some of the best lamps for tiki bars out there. He makes them custom, and uses bamboo and tapa cloth, re-creating some of the best traditional styles, and also coming up with some of his own. His lamps have been hung in professional and home tiki bars around the globe, including the Kahiki Moon in Vermont, the Tabou Tiki Room in Berlin, Kona Club in Oakland and Forbiden Island in Alameda. This lamp is in a volcano shape, with tapa cloth sides, and crosscut bamboo rings for the base, and can be seen hanging at Forbidden Island.

Eight-sided lamp by Kahaka
Eight-sided lamp by Kahaka

Like the ones mentioned in my post about Orchids of Hawaii lamps, Kahaka’s lamps are very much in line with the lamps I mentioned in my Perfect Tiki Bar: the Lighting article; unlike Orchids of Hawaii, which is long out-of-business, Kahaka’s lamps can be purchased today. Lamps like these go a long way to setting the perfect, exotic mood, and are a must-have item for a good tiki bar. A photo gallery of Kahaka’s work can be seen on Yahoo, and he also has a thread of his creations on Tiki Central. If you’d like to have Kahaka create one of his wonderful lamps for your home or restaurant, you can contact him at jchadgreenwood@aol.com, or by sending him a PM on Tiki Central.

September 7, 2006

Las Vegas Don the Beachcomber Menu

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Las Vegas Don the Beachcomber menu, from the collection of Derrick Bostrom
Las Vegas Don the Beachcomber menu, from the collection of Derrick Bostrom

I love the graphic look of this Don the Beachcomber menu from Las Vegas. It comes from the collection of Derrick Bostrom, whose grandparents had quite a collection of menus from their travels. Bostrom has these menus now, and has been posting them on his blog. He’s also shared a menu from the Islands in Phoenix, and he has a 1948 Don the Beachcomber menu that he hasn’t posted yet — I’m looking forward to seeing it; longtime readers may remember that the look of Humu Kon Tiki was inspired by a vintage Don the Beachcomber menu.

September 4, 2006

Australian Tiki Carver Marcus Thorn

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Maori-style carving by Marcus Thorn
Maori-style carving by Marcus Thorn
Aussie tiki carver, Marcus Thorn
Aussie tiki carver, Marcus Thorn

This past spring, I had the great pleasure of spending a few days with Tiki Beat‘s Marcus Thorn, and his wife Yvette. Marcus is a fantastic tiki carver, he’s been making a living at his art the past decade-plus — he is in high demand in his native Australia, and his tikis have found homes all over the globe. Marcus and Yvette have been a fixture in Australia’s rockabilly scene for ages, and are very happy that Australia is finally developing a bit of a tiki scene, as well. A bit over a year ago, Marcus joined in with the band of merry carvers at Tiki Central, and has been sharing in-progress pictures of many of his carvings on a thread of his own. Marcus and Yvette are incredibly gracious people, and care a lot about giving their customers the best bang for their tiki-buying buck — every year they host a great big luau for their friends and customers at their ranch/estate outside Brisbane.

Shag Tiki Rubix Cube

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Shag tiki Rubix cube, by Atomicchick
Shag tiki Rubix cube, by Atomicchick

Nope, this isn’t the latest product from Shagmart — this is something Atomicchick whipped up when struck with a bout of boredom.

September 3, 2006

Information Sought on McVicker Art

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McVicker art of a Polynesian revue
McVicker art of a Polynesian revue
Detail of McVicker art
Detail of McVicker art

The above art was posted by someone on Tiki Central who is looking to learn more about it. It’s lovely — I’d love to know more about it, myself. According to the poster, thegreenman, this lithograph was acquired via his aunt, who is in a south Florida retirement village. His aunt got it from a woman “who knew the artist” (the work is signed “McVicker”). This woman said it was created as a promotion for a “Polynesian gardens fire dance,” and it is from 1959. I don’t know how accurate any of that is, but I do know it’s a great scene — complete with fire dancers, hula dancers, a band, well-dressed patrons, a serving wahine, a bartender, a mysterious shady figure at the back, even a full-on decorated a-frame. It’s almost too perfect… I would have guessed that it was a modern piece, the way it so perfectly nails every Poly Pop cliche. Regardless, it’s gorgeous.

McVicker signature
McVicker signature

I did a quick search on “McVicker” and turned up an artist, J. Jay McVicker; he created some pieces of a similar tone, and which date from a similar age, but his style was more abstract, and a close comparison of the signatures looks like a mis-match. Thegreenman hails from Ft. Lauderdale, and a piece of framing tape on the back says “Schwarms Photo Center Bahia Mar Commercial Photography – Illustrative- Architectural-Marine” (today, there is a Bahia Mar hotel near the water in Ft. Lauderdale). The mind, of course, leaps to the Mai-Kai, which opened in 1956, but in those days the Mai-Kai wasn’t the only game in town — or at least, wasn’t the only game in south Florida. There are many folks more knowledgable than I am about Florida tiki history (Kailuageoff’s presentation at the Hukilau should be a treat), hopefully someone out there can clear up the mystery.

UPDATE: thegreenman has left a comment, stating that he learned from his aunt that this was a promotion for the Polynesian Room at the Yankee Clipper — the official hotel for this year’s Hukilau!

August 3, 2006

Crazy Al’s Super Custom APE Mug

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Crazy Al's Super Custom APE mug
Crazy Al’s Super Custom APE mug

Crazy Al has created this one-of-a-kind custom APE mug, with gorgeous hand-painted Fijian tapa cloth design fez. He says this is the first, and that there will be others, but no info about how many or when — just that they’ll all be different. They will be sold on eBay, but he hasn’t listed it yet (Crazy Al says, “it’s been a few years since i posted on ebay, so as soon as i figure out how to do it all over again, I’ll post when the auction will start”). If you’re ready for some serious eBay bidding warfare, keep an eye on the Tiki Central thread for details.

Fijian tapa designs on Crazy Al's super custom APE mug
Fijian tapa designs on Crazy Al’s super custom APE mug

August 2, 2006

Seattle: Tiki Art Now III

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It's All About the Tiki, by Thorsten Kasenkamm
It’s All About the Tiki, by Thorsten Kasenkamm

More details about the Tiki Art Now III event in Seattle I first posted about in April:

The show is at Seattle’s Roq la Rue Gallery, in the Belltown district (also home to ‘Ohana and the Lava Lounge), and runs from Friday, September 15 thorugh Monday, October 9. Artists include:

  • Shag
  • Lisa Petrucci
  • Bosko
  • Tim Biskup
  • Mr. G
  • Brian Barneclo
  • Wayne Coombs
  • Davey (Dave Wong)
  • Crazy Al Evans
  • Dawn Frasier
  • Thorsten Hasenkamm
  • Munktiki Paul & Stuckie
  • Tiki Tony
  • Heather Watts
  • Derek Yaniger

The opening event kicks off at 6 p.m. on Friday, September 15, and the evening will include a live performance from Seattle’s own Lushy, DJed music from Selector Lopaka, and a special mini-exhibit of vintage black velvet paintings by Burke Tyree. There will also be a limited edition mug created for the event by Munktiki, and Tiki Art Now posters and t-shirts, and a full-color catalog of the event with a forword from Tiki Art Now curator, Otto von Stroheim.

I’m hoping to make it up for this event — it looks like just the excuse I need to go hit my old stompin’ grounds.

July 31, 2006

Tiki Propaganda

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Sabu the Coconut Boy's propaganda
Sabu the Coconut Boy’s propaganda

Sabu the Coconut Boy is responsible for this Tiki propaganda poster; it’s a play on a few different inside jokes at Tiki Central. The result is not just gorgeous — it’s a compelling call to commit yourself to the Tiki Army. Heil Sabu!

July 26, 2006

Two New Tiki Paintings from Flounder

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Sunrise Tiki by Flounder
Sunrise Tiki by Flounder
Sunset Tiki by Flounder
Sunset Tiki by Flounder

One of my favorite artists, Flounder, has created two new tiki-themed paintings, Sunrise Tiki and Sunset Tiki. As the names suggest, the two paintings are a blue sunrise scene and a red sunset scene, each with three tikis of very different styles. Each of the two paintings are acrylic on 18″ x 12″ Masonite wood, and each is $500. Hand-signed prints of the paintings are also available for $30 each, plus $6 shipping (shipping is more if outside the contiguous U.S.). The prints are 17″ x 11″ on 19″ x 13″ heavyweight paper, and are mailed flat; shipping is combined if you buy both.

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