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September 4, 2005

Tiki Carver Basement Kahuna Carving Again

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Basement Kahuna Meeting House Piece

Tiki carver Basement Kahuna, a.k.a. Dave Wolfe, has recently picked up his chisels after a two year break from carving logs. Basement Kahuna recently relocated to Athens, Georgia, and now once again has access to the space he needs to start letting the chips fly. Basement Kahuna specializes in reproductions of genuine Oceanic art pieces, especially the intricate designs seen in the Maori, Cook Islands and Papua New Guinea cultures but also including the simpler designs from places like Rapa Nui. I feel very fortunate to have a Basement Kahuna in my collection, the piece pictured above. The world waits with bated breath to see what his next production will be.

August 30, 2005

Tiki Artist Purple Jade Affected by Hurricane Katrina

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Popular tiki artist Purple Jade has likely lost her New Orleans home due to Hurricane Katrina. She and her family have been able to evacuate, but reports have indicated that there is a good chance her home is submerged, and most of her belongings had to be left behind.

Purple Jade specializes in accessories, jewelry and home decor items. Her renderings are characterized by a high level of detail; she has a strong eye for traditional Oceanic art, and a solid appreciation of vintage Polynesian Pop. Immediately after the tsunami in Southeast Asia, she donated the proceeds from sales of her pieces to the tsunami relief effort.

It is too early to tell exactly how we can help Purple Jade, as it may be some time before she is able to assess her situation. There is a thread on Tiki Central where ideas are being collected, and hopefully we’ll soon be able to band together to lend a hand to her and other tikiphiles affected by Hurricane Katrina.

August 29, 2005

Crazy Al on TV & Runnin’ for Charity

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Tiki carver and entertainer extraordinaire Crazy Al Evans is going to be on television this week, on TV Guide Channel’s show “Ready Set Change.” He’s part of an episode called “Gilligan’s Backyard,” and he carved tiki #94 during the show. Here’s the schedule for when his episode is airing:

Monday 8/29 – 8pm/7pm Central and 11pm/10pm Central
Tuesday 8/30 – 12pm/11am Central
Thursday 9/1 – 9pm/8pm and 12am/11pm Central
Saturday 9/3 – 2pm/1pm Central
Sunday 9/4 – 6pm/5pm Central

If you are a DirecTV subscriber, TV Guide Channel is 224, and Ready, Set, Change airs at 8pm Eastern (which is 5pm Pacific / 6pm Central) .

Crazy Al is also currently preparing to walk/run a half marathon and a full marathon to support the American Stroke Association, and he’s seeking contributions to this worthy cause. He’s hoping “to get a special commemorative tiki gift made for those contributors that have been very generous to the cause.” For more information, see his team’s webpage.

August 27, 2005

Kirby’s Island

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Tiki artist Kirby has updated his website with an online tiki adventure — if you manage to make your way through the jungle alive, you can get a real-world reward.

Daniel Balsz, Creator of The Tikis, Has Died

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Daniel Balsz, who was responsible for creating the fabled “The Tikis” in Monterey Park and Lake Elsinore, passed away on August 5, 2005 at age 79. Balsz had been living in Las Vegas, and died in his home. At its zenith, The Tikis was an unrivalled spectacle of nighttime entertainment, with active volcanoes and a massive dance troupe entertaining hundreds nightly. Balsz lost his first Tikis location due to a divorce brought on by a dalliance with one of his hula maidens, and a second location never really quite materialized, being used in recent years as a paint ball course.

August 25, 2005

The Master Ninja — Tiki Ti’s Ray Buhen

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Jeff “Beachbum” Berry has written an excellent article about the life of one of the great contributors to midcentury Polynesian Pop — Tiki Ti’s Ray Buhen. Ray Buhen worked as a bartender in every great tiki bar in Los Angeles (with the notable exception of Trader Vic’s): Don the Beachcomber, Sugie’s Tropics, Steve Crane’s Luau, China Trader, Christian’s Hut… the list goes on. Ray was one of the original bartenders inventing and mixing such classics as the Blood & Sand, the Zombie, Navy Grog, Shark’s Tooth, Pearl Diver, Chief Lapu Lapu… and he taught these recipes to his son Mike, who still mixes them today at Tiki-Ti along with Ray’s grandson, also named Mike. Every Wednesday at around 8:30, a bell is rung, and the bar quiets for a special toast to thank Ray for all he gave us. The Bum’s article about Ray Buhen’s life provides a rare and entertaining view into the celebrity-rich Los Angeles bar scene from the 1930s through present-day.

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