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August 3, 2006

Mogumbu Shrunken Head Swag Lamp

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DSK Designs Mogumbu lamp
DSK Designs Mogumbu lamp

After a three-year production break, Dave Krys has brought back his Mogumbu shrunken head swag lamp for a limited run. The lamp is hand-painted cast ceramic, a bit smaller than a human head, with twine stitching an long black hair, and looks nice & creepy whether it’s lit or not. It comes with 12 feet of cord and chain, a red lightbulb, an in-line switch, and ceiling hooks for hanging. He can also customize it with a shorter chain and a canopy to cover the junction box if you’d prefer a ceiling mount. He’ll be selling them soon on eBay, but is first offering them at $150 (their full selling price is $175) to Tiki Centralites.

Crazy Al’s Super Custom APE Mug

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Crazy Al's Super Custom APE mug
Crazy Al’s Super Custom APE mug

Crazy Al has created this one-of-a-kind custom APE mug, with gorgeous hand-painted Fijian tapa cloth design fez. He says this is the first, and that there will be others, but no info about how many or when — just that they’ll all be different. They will be sold on eBay, but he hasn’t listed it yet (Crazy Al says, “it’s been a few years since i posted on ebay, so as soon as i figure out how to do it all over again, I’ll post when the auction will start”). If you’re ready for some serious eBay bidding warfare, keep an eye on the Tiki Central thread for details.

Fijian tapa designs on Crazy Al's super custom APE mug
Fijian tapa designs on Crazy Al’s super custom APE mug

August 2, 2006

Seattle: Tiki Art Now III

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It's All About the Tiki, by Thorsten Kasenkamm
It’s All About the Tiki, by Thorsten Kasenkamm

More details about the Tiki Art Now III event in Seattle I first posted about in April:

The show is at Seattle’s Roq la Rue Gallery, in the Belltown district (also home to ‘Ohana and the Lava Lounge), and runs from Friday, September 15 thorugh Monday, October 9. Artists include:

  • Shag
  • Lisa Petrucci
  • Bosko
  • Tim Biskup
  • Mr. G
  • Brian Barneclo
  • Wayne Coombs
  • Davey (Dave Wong)
  • Crazy Al Evans
  • Dawn Frasier
  • Thorsten Hasenkamm
  • Munktiki Paul & Stuckie
  • Tiki Tony
  • Heather Watts
  • Derek Yaniger

The opening event kicks off at 6 p.m. on Friday, September 15, and the evening will include a live performance from Seattle’s own Lushy, DJed music from Selector Lopaka, and a special mini-exhibit of vintage black velvet paintings by Burke Tyree. There will also be a limited edition mug created for the event by Munktiki, and Tiki Art Now posters and t-shirts, and a full-color catalog of the event with a forword from Tiki Art Now curator, Otto von Stroheim.

I’m hoping to make it up for this event — it looks like just the excuse I need to go hit my old stompin’ grounds.

July 31, 2006

Tiki Farm Chimenea in Action

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Mr. Rapa Nui in action
Mr. Rapa Nui in action

Tiki Farm’s moai-shaped chimenea (mentioned here last March), Mr. Rapa Nui, started shipping last week, and our friends Tofu Joe and haole’akamai were the happy recipients of a black one (they were also created in brown and green). The timing was perfect, as they’d planned a bocce & tiki drinks party this past weekend, and we were able to help them break him in. As dusk fell it was slightly chilly, and Mr. Rapa Nui’s radiant wamth was much appreciated. Before lighting, Tofu Joe anointed him with a bit of Lemon Hart 151 rum, for good luck.

Tiki Farm has only a few chimeneas remaining, check the Tiki Farm website to see what’s currently available, and call Tiki Farm at 1 (800) 357-3360 or send an email to holden@tikifarm.com to get shipping costs and place an order.

Incidentally, Tofu Joe and haole’akamai served the delicious Martha Washington’s Rum Punch, as seen on Tiki Central. Very tasty!

July 27, 2006

Tiki Magazine: New Issue, New Website

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Tiki Magazine Summer 2006
Tiki Magazine Summer 2006

Tiki Magazine’s Summer 2006 issue has been released, with cover art by none other than Shag. Even cooler than that — the cover depicts Southern California Polynesian Pop revival legend Bosko Hrnjak; both Shag and Bosko are profiled in this issue, which I’m betting is going to be a very hot seller.

More exciting news from Tiki Magazine — they have a new website, created by your old pal Humuhumu! Tiki Magazine publisher Nick Camara requested something “fun, bright and tropical,” which launched me in a slightly different direction than the other websites I’ve created (though I strive to make sure all the websites look different; it’s important to me that the sites I create don’t look like “another Humuhumu site,” and instead reflect my customer’s image). My inspiration this time around was a very bright and beautiful A-line dress from the ’60s in my collection.

New Tiki Magazine website
New Tiki Magazine website

Check out the Tiki Magazine website to see more about the current issue, puchase back issues & fine Tiki Mag swag, and of course — to get your subscription!

July 26, 2006

Two New Tiki Paintings from Flounder

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Sunrise Tiki by Flounder
Sunrise Tiki by Flounder
Sunset Tiki by Flounder
Sunset Tiki by Flounder

One of my favorite artists, Flounder, has created two new tiki-themed paintings, Sunrise Tiki and Sunset Tiki. As the names suggest, the two paintings are a blue sunrise scene and a red sunset scene, each with three tikis of very different styles. Each of the two paintings are acrylic on 18″ x 12″ Masonite wood, and each is $500. Hand-signed prints of the paintings are also available for $30 each, plus $6 shipping (shipping is more if outside the contiguous U.S.). The prints are 17″ x 11″ on 19″ x 13″ heavyweight paper, and are mailed flat; shipping is combined if you buy both.

Munktiki Seeking Images for Book

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Tiki the pug loves his Munktiki
Tiki the pug loves his Munktiki

Munktiki is looking for Munktiki lovers to submit images for an upcoming book about Munktiki. The book is to be published by The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco. They especially want candid images, showing how Munktiki mugs work their way into people’s lives. It’s okay if it’s one mug or a hundred, but make sure it’s high resolution. You can email them to cheers@munktiki.com. You can see some of the swell pictures they’ve collected so far on their Mug Shots page (warning: NSFW!). Also, be sure to check out their fancy-schmancy new website!

June 20, 2006

Hawaiian Eye Soundtrack on CD

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Hawaiian Eye soundtrack
Hawaiian Eye soundtrack

The soundtrack from Hawaiian Eye, which was released as an LP in the ’60s, was recently released on CD. The television show aired from 1959-1963, and starred Anthony Eisley, Robert Conrad, Connie Stevens and Poncie Ponce — Connie typically had a song she performed at some point in the middle of each episode. It was a detective show set in Honolulu (the Honolulu Village Hotel, to be exact); in black & white, it predated Hawaii 5-0 by a few years. If you ever have a chance to catch an episode, don’t miss it. Here’s the track listing from the CD:

1. Hawaiian Eye
2. Deep Night
3. Let’s Do It (From The Musical Comedy “Paris”) (Vocal By Connie Stevens)
4. Steele On The Prowl
5. Soft Green Seas
6. Rumba Rhapsody
7. Cabbie Kim
8. What Is This Thing Called Love? (From The Musical Comedy “Wake Up And Dream”)
9. You’re Getting To Be A Habit With Me (Vocal By Robert Conrad)
10. Cricket’s Corner
11. When My Dream Boat Comes Home (Vocal By Poncie Ponce)
12. Lopaka’s Beat
13. Hawaiian Eye

June 4, 2006

Rare Flounder Art on eBay

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Aloha Hut mug painting by Flounder
Aloha Hut mug painting by Flounder

Two original paintings by Flounder from his very popular Tiki Mug series are up for auction right now on eBay. The paintings are an amazing example of Flounder’s photorealistic skills, and pop beautifully against their black background. The two paintings up for sale are two of four that were commissioned by Primo Kimo for his now-gone Kahiki Moon restaurant in Burlington, Vermont. The two paintings are of an Aloha Hut mug and a green Harvey’s mug. Pictures truly do not do these paintings justice, they are amazing in person, and this is a unique opportunity to own a piece from this popular series of Flounder’s — all the original paintings in this series were sold long ago.

April 24, 2006

Progress on the Tiki Central ‘Ohana Hut

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Tiki Central 'Ohana Hut prototype
Tiki Central ‘Ohana Hut prototype

At the special Tiki Central preview night at Forbidden Island, Stuckie from Munktiki brought along his first prototype of Chongolio’s ‘Ohana Hut, which won the official Tiki Central Mug Design Contest a short while back. The design has been a tall challenge for Stuckie, but he’s more than proven himself up to it: the prototype is gorgeous and detailed, right down to the wooden slats on the bottom of the hut. Stuckie wants to make a few more small adjustments to the design — a slightly different clay, a few more details in the mold, and a slight change to the glaze — but it’s already fantastic. Stuckie shared a Mystery Bowl with us that was served in it; the placement of the straw holes creates an optimal StMJ (Straw-to-Mouth Trajectory). There was lots of drooling over this new mug — congrats again to Chongolio for his splendid design! Production, pricing and purchasing details will likely be announced in the coming weeks on Tiki Central.

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